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Communication System
Security Services
Security Services
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Access Control System
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Guards Services
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Surveillance Products

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Tools, machinery, and technology designed for military and defense

Defence System

Military structures, and resources used to safeguard from external threats

Defence Armament

Weaponry and munitions utilized by the military for combat operations

Security System

Measures, devices, and protocols implemented to safeguard assets

Security Services

Professional provision of protective measures to ensure the safety

Land System

military equipment and operations that are primarily designed for use on land

Naval System

Ships, submarines, and maritime assets used by a nation’s navy

Air System

Military aircraft, helicopters, and technology used for aerial combat

Guard Services

The deployment of trained security personnel to protect specific duty

Project Procurement Process

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This process involves gathering relevant details, specifications, and pricing information to evaluate various options and select the most suitable vendor for the project


Formalize the contractual agreement that outlines the scope of work, deliverables, timeline, terms and conditions, payment terms, and other crucial aspects of the project


The delivery of the goods, services, or works as specified in the contract, adhering to the project timeline and quality standards, all covered with our quality project management

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Defence Services and Armament Products

Defence Services


Mentari Defence Security Sdn. Bhd. specializes in offering a comprehensive range of armament and defense equipment solutions to cater to the needs of various defense organizations and security agencies.

Security Services


Our Services to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, organizations, or events. These services may include security personnel, surveillance, risk assessment, and emergency response

Security and Guard Services
Defence Security System

Defence Security System


military strategies, structures, and resources used to safeguard a country from external threats. It involves the coordination of personnel, equipment, and technology to deter and respond to potential attacks or hostile actions.

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Essential Defence Security Skills

In the defense and security industry, various skills are crucial for ensuring the effective functioning of organizations and the successful execution of operations. These skills are essential for individuals working in various roles within the defense and security industry, including military personnel, law enforcement officers, intelligence analysts, security professionals, engineers, and management personnel. Our Experienced personnel have high proficiency required for each skill on the specific job roles and responsibilities.

Our Skills in defence and security industry

Technical Skills


Operational Skills


Leadership and Management


Communication & Interpersonal


Analytical Skills


Physical Fitness


Writing and Documentation